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Our unique global network

Our global network of partners is one of our most important assets. That is why we invest considerable time and energy in optimizing and further expanding our network. This includes metal and plastic processing companies that we have worked with for over 35 years in some cases.

They can only become partners if they meet our high standards for professionalism and quality. That is why all our partners are certified and work according to guidelines drawn up by us. These guidelines cover product quality, quality control procedures, the entire order-to-delivery process, and our sustainability standards. Fast delivery times and competitive prices are also included in our partner agreements.

Partners that meet all requirements can under our direction grow into permanent suppliers for specific parts of our customers. This is how we create win-win-win situations together.

A strong and reliable worldwide network We do engineering, production and assembly at our location in Sittard. If necessary, we call in specialist partners for special processing and upscaling of series production. In more than 35 years we have built a worldwide network of professional metalworking and plastics production companies. These reliable partners are closely connected to our company. They apply our quality requirements, meet the certifications we have and work according to our standards for sustainability. To guarantee this, we regularly carry out quality checks.